About Big Red

About Big Red's LLC
About Big Red's LLC

In 2004 we moved to the northwoods of Wisconsin.  We decided “No more city living for us”!  With the move we discovered many beautiful rides in the area. We didn’t need drink holders until a trip to Sturgis was planned. I knew I didn't want to hold on to a water bottle for 2500 miles.

After researching what was available, and not liking any of them or their cost, the Biker Babe Beverage Bra came into being and the start of Big Red's Neat Stuff.

I have been granted a patent for the BBBB (US 9254881), and a new product was also added, the Little Black Bag.

Every year sales have increased mainly by word-of-mouth  This year we hope to increase the dealership presence even more.  The BBBB has also been sold online, and at rallies to riders throughout the US.

If you have purchased a BBBB, thank you for your patronage and if not, I hope you will try it. It really is an incredible product.

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